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Auto Frame Machine

Auto frame machines by Star-A-Liner are available in four standard sizes, but custom racks (to fit precisely into your shop) are also available. Our smallest rack is the Cheetah 360 II this 15-foot frame was developed in 1988 and is the forerunner of our later models. It introduced a rectangular-shaped bed and towers able to rotate 360 degrees, making it ideal for cramped auto body shops.

Cheetah Auto Frame Machines Are Simply Fast
As vehicles get larger, so do the frame machines that help straighten them. The Cheetah 18 is a bit larger than the 360 and is designed for unibody cars through extended cab pickups. The Cheetah SF is a two tower auto frame machine with a wheel-less design: the towers rotate under the rack with plenty of clearance, letting technicians work simply fast.

The Cheetah 5500 offers the usual Star-A-Liner innovations, plus a couple of options. Not only can you get this in 18- and 20-foot lengths, but you can pick the type of hydraulic system to use, as well: you can select an air/hydraulic or else an electric/hydraulic system. Because of their many pivoting towers, the 5500s are a highly capable auto frame machine.

Our larger frame machines are essential for working on full-sized, four-door heavy duty pickups and larger SUVs that are popular today. Both the Cheetah Series 20 and 24 can be improved with additional towers, winches and pulling accessories. Plus, each Cheetah product comes with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. At Star-A-Liner, our automotive frame machines can be modified to suit your exact needs.



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