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Body Shop Equipment

Body shop equipment, while a necessary investment for any body shop, can be expensive, bulky, and hard to operate. Star-A-Liner Cheetah frame machines are a simple solution. Our space-saving rectangular designs can be custom-fitted to your shop, letting you use your workspace as wisely as possible. Plus, much of our body shop equipment is easily expandable and adaptable: add an overhead pull, extra tower or body lift to get the job done faster.

Cheetah Body Shop Equipment Works Simply Fast
Time is of the essence to technicians working on an automobile damaged in an accident, and it is even more pressing to the customers waiting for their vehicles. Our equipment is easy to use; technicians with basic frame machine experience and auto body repair training will find the Cheetah easy to use--and they'll be able to work simply fast. Our innovative designs are less complex than others; it also means there are fewer parts to break down and replace.

Aside from the special towers on our SF and 5500 models, most of the Cheetah body shop equipment works together easily, so you can customize a rack system that works in your shop. For instance, we have additional towers you can add to our frame machines, making them more useful while avoiding the cost of purchasing an entirely new rack. We even have a Double Pull Tower that gets twice the work done--fast as a cheetah.

Frame machines do most of the heavy work, but there are a variety of other tools a body shop needs. Star-A-Liner has a full line of chains, hooks, pulling clamps, hydraulic pumps and rams for all kinds of auto body repair. Like our frame machines, we have a selection of tool packages that feature strong durable components.


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