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Collision Repair Equipment

Collision repair equipment by Star-A-Liner, like our innovative Cheetah SF, lets technicians make accurate repairs fast. Our family of drive-on frame racks has revolutionized the industry since 1988, when we introduced the Cheetah 360 II, an easy-to-use unibody/frame machine featuring pull towers running along a track and wheel system. We keep improving our designs, and today our collision repair equipment is simple to operate, letting the work get done simply fast.

Star-A-Liner's Collision Repair Equipment
One of our design is the Cheetah SF, a two-tower 18-foot frame machine (available in a 20-foot size, too) that is ideal for heavy-duty pickups and smaller-sized vehicles. We've kept our winning rectangular design, which uses shop space efficiently: space, like time, is valuable in a body shop. Plus, its self-supporting towers are wheel-less, giving collision repair technicians ample room to work as the towers glide along the perimeter of the frame.

Like the original Cheetah 360, the SF has towers that can rotate 360 degrees, letting you pull from a variety of angles. Not good enough? Star-A-Liner has a line of additional towers to add on to our frame racks, including a double pull tower powered with hydraulic pumps. Individual towers are sized according to the rack size.

While much of today's collision repair equipment is complicated, our strength is in our simplicity. A simple design makes the Cheetah SF easier to use, so your shop can increase productivity and profitability. We call it the Cheetah SF because it lets you and your collision repair specialists work simply fast. Simple, strong, machines that work.



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