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Frame machines by Star-A-Liner not only reverse the damage caused by automobile accidents, like typical rack systems, but are also Simply Fast. Our innovative Cheetah designs are less complicated than other systems, making them easier to use, less likely to break down and a better investment for a body shop. One auto body shop owner says, "The oldest of our four machines is nine years old and we've never had any problems with any of them."

Cheetah Simply Fast Frame Machines Have Been a Hit Since 1988
In the late 1980s, Star-A-Liner introduced the Cheetah 360 II, a distinctive frame machine with a rectangular bed and rotating towers. The frame's shape better matched the shape of automobiles, making these frame machines efficient space-savers for crowded shop owners. A particular model of interest is the Cheetah SF, which has towers that glide 360 degrees around the rack, letting technicians work effectively and simply fast.

Star-A-Liner has a nice range of frame machines, from the 15-foot Cheetah 360 II to the 60-foot Star-A-Liner HD-60 heavy duty truck rack. We can also custom build a rack for your shop if any of our sizes don't fit within your unique workspace dimensions. You can easily add towers, too, to make multiple pulls simultaneously.

A rack system is a serious investment for a repair shop of any size, so we can direct you to a lease program for qualified customers, too. At Star-A-Liner, we have Cheetah frame repair equipment that is both easy to use and easy to own. Our simplified machine designs let technicians work faster, making your customers happier.

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