Auto Body Repair Equipment

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Auto Body Repair Equipment

Auto body repair equipment is the backbone of any body repair shop and should be as easy to use as it is durable. Star-A-Liner’s Cheetah line of frame machines is just that–with simpler designs, there is less to wear out after a day of pulling frames into alignment. Plus, any technician used to working with more complicated auto body repair equipment will find the transition to the Cheetah quick and easy.

Star-A-Liner broke into the scene in the mid 1980s, and by the end of the ’80s, we had made a name for ourselves with the introduction of our innovative Cheetah 360 II. This rack system improved on existing designs with a rectangular design that better fits into auto body repair shops. In time, we began producing inexpensive yet reliable wheel-less unibody frame machines that allow technicians more room to work.

Easy-to-Use Auto Body Repair Equipment
The bottom line for any business is money, and every shop owner knows that time is money. Star-A-Liner’s auto body repair equipment is easy to use and takes less time to get the job done–it’s simply fast. Your repair specialists will be able to straighten more frames in less time; efficiency is the first step toward profitability.

The Cheetah line of frame machines isn’t just easy to use–they are built to last, too. As a satisfied auto shop owner in Texas said, our “simple design means there’s less to break.” We like to think that the Cheetah has it all: simplicity, durability and efficiency. It’s no wonder that Star-A-Liner is a star in the frame machine industry.