26′ ATR Heated Drive Thru Modified Down Draft Paint Spray Booth

The more work you get through the shop and more profitable you will be! How do you do that with this Modified Down Draft Booth?





  • Booths are constructed from 18 gauge, prime-quality galvanized steel
  • All panels and support members are precision punched for easy nut and bolt assembly
  • Quality brand-name tubeaxial fans and ODP motors
  • 5/16 inch bolts with self locking nuts
  • Industry-leading light levels
  • Spray booth specific, dual voltage T-8 32-watt light fixtures
  • Booths include installation instructions, fan, motor & drive, fasteners, hardware and sealant necessary for assembly
  • Control panel and other electric components can be purchased separately
  • ETL listed when optional control panel is added
  • Personnel access doors are pre-hung in heavy gauge galvanized steel from for easy installation
  • Product doors are field hung to facilitate installation on uneven floors
  • Brixon TM latches are provided for each door opening

Interior Dimensions: 14′ W x 9′ H x 26′ L
Exterior Dimensions: 14′ 4″ W x 10′ 10″ H x 26′ 4″ L
Personnel Door: 1
Main Door Opening: 9′ 4″ W x 8′ 10.5″ H
Light Fixtures: 10

It’s Simple: The more work you get through the shop and more profitable you will be! How do you do that with this Modified Down Draft Booth? The booth is supplied with a Heated Air Makeup Unit for spraying and curing, this allows you to cure your paint jobs faster and will greatly increase you shop’s productivity and bottom line.

Heated Drive Thru Modified Downdraft paint booths with a Spray and Cure cycle pull in fresh air from the outside and then the air is drawn into the heaters where it’s heated to the preferred temperature. Temperatures are easily adjusted by the operator. A set of high quality booth diffusion media filters filter air that is pulled down and passes through them, this ensures an optimum paint job. The air is then sucked down and away for the objects being refinished through exhaust filters located on the opposite end of the booth.

Air Make Up System Heater
– (1) Direct Fired Air Makeup AMU
– Vertical configuration with a 10 HP high static plug fan
– Includes VFD for precise booth balancing and pressure control
– Powder Coated White with a digital control panel
– Solenoid Valve
– Discharge Duct, 3 Way Deflector and Intake duct package for a 16′ high roof.

Lighting Specifications
– (qty 10) four-tube, 48″, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures located in the hip panels and side walls will provide superior lighting.
– The better the lighting in your booth the better the paint jobs can be.
– Each light fixture is sealed with a gasket behind clear, tempered safety glass.
– All light fixtures that are provided are UL listed. Bulbs are not included.

All of our Paint Booths are made of high quality 18-gauge galvanized steel. All product and personnel access doors are pre-hung in heavy duty galvanized steel frames for easy installation. Brixon safety latches are included for each paint booth door.

Exhaust System
– (1) 30″ diameter tube-axial fan with a 3 HP, three-phase motor
– Exhaust Intake Duct Package: Enough exhaust duct for a 15′ high roof (excluding offsets and roof flashing)
– All hardware, nuts and bolts, filters and sealants needed for the booth installation are included.
– Control Panel as well as other electrical components may be purchased separately.

Standard ATR-EZ Booth Cabin Features
– 18 Gauge Steel Galvanized Finish
– (9) Open Type Light Fixtures
– One S&G Rear Access Light Fixture
– Tube-Axial Exhaust Fan(s) with VFD
– Exhaust Duct Work Package(s) for 15′ Roof Height (excluding offsets), Roof Flanges and Damper Cap.
– One Personnel Access Door with Window 30″ W x 84″ H
– Solid Back Configuration
– Solid Double Swing Vehicle Door 10′ W x 9′ H

Standard ATR-EH and EHC 812K Series AMU Features
– Intake 10HP High Static Plug Fan with a CFM range from 8,000 to 12,600
– 1.5 Million BTU Burner
– Powder-Coat White
– Digital Control Panel
– Solenoid Valve
– Discharge Duct 60″
– Intake Duct Package(s) for 15′ Roof Height(excluding offsets) and Roof Flange(s)

Vertical or Horizontal Configuration
(Vertical includes Stand Horizontal includes Inlet Hood)